You can think of microblading as architecture for your eyebrows, both as a replacement and as an artistic expression. And right now, heavier, more natural brows are coming back into fashion. Eyebrows shape your face structure, and microblading allows you to be free and expressive. The best way to give a frame and structure to your face is to have clean and defined eyebrows.

aesthetician performing microblading

What Is Microblading?

Microblading treatments are done with a pen-like tool to inject pigment onto the skin. The tip of the pen is so fine that it can create real-looking hair strokes. The needles penetrate through the surface layers of the tissue, which makes this technique non-permanent or semi- permanent.

Microblading helps make your eyebrows look more defined and more beautiful. Only a training professional or licensed consultant and technician can perform the procedure. At IMAj, your technician will sketch your brows carefully with a unique device. Hundreds of smaller strokes form a texture that looks like your own hair.

Microblading makes your eyebrows look fuller and thicker, and is a semi-life remedy for applying makeup on your eyebrows. Since microblading entails small skin cuts, it is vital to understand the treatment and the healing process.

aesthetician performing microblading

Microblading After-Care

Taking care of the skin area after microblading is a little more intensive and similar to tattoo aftercare. The pigment will appear very dark immediately after the treatment, and the skin underneath will be red. Your technician will discuss correct aftercare with you, such as running a wet cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the area treated, approximately two hours after you leave the spa. This will get rid of any excess color or pigment. You will see a marked improvement over the next 7 to 14 days as the pigment color lightens in shade.

  • Keep the area dry, including your face, for at least one week. Do not go swimming, sauna, or use a steam bath.
  • Avoid putting any sort of makeup, serum, or night creams on your forehead or brows. They can cause unnecessary infection in the area.
  • Avoid touching, scratching, or rubbing the area near your eyebrows.
  • Only take medicine or apply cream prescribed by your technician.

How Long Does this Procedure Last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from 12 months to 3 years, but you may need a touchup. If you take care of your eyebrows properly, you’ll be excited by the change and the longevity of the color of your eyebrows. Your treatment will last longest if you avoid exfoliating the brow area too much, as exfoliating can damage the upper layer of your skin that may impact your eyebrow shape and color. And as always, protect your face from direct sunlight.

Overall, your skin will heal completely in a few short weeks, and the slight pain you initially felt during treatment will go away quickly, leaving you with just the shape and color eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

aesthetician performing microblading