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The Institute for Medical Aesthetics (IMAj) is the premier destination for advanced education in medical aesthetics and cosmetic laser technology nationwide. Our satisfaction lies in the achievements and success of our students. With a diverse array of training programs in medical aesthetics and cosmetic laser training, IMAj sets a new standard, utilizing cutting-edge lasers and state-of-the-art aesthetic tools to ensure unparalleled quality in education and training.


IMAj Institute is Arizona’s only medical aesthetic and laser technology school with a state-of-the-art research center dedicated to developing and evolving laser technology.


Cosmetic Laser Technician

Pro Skills

State-of-the-art facilities at medical esthetician school

Advanced Aesthetics

Master the art of esthetics with cutting edge technology, becoming a licensed expert in the field. Find out more about IMAj Institute’s elite and extensive esthetics programs here.

Cosmetic Laser Technician

Become a world-class cosmetic laser technician in the industry. Find out more about IMAj Institute’s innovative laser technician programs here.

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Medical esthetician student using advanced skincare equipment


Find information regarding continuing education classes offered for all beauty professionals in the industry here.

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Alumni Spotlight

At IMAj, we are proud to display the work of our alumni. We love to support our students and watch them succeed in their careers! Check out excellent past students’ work in the medical aesthetic and cosmetic laser industries here.

meet the imaj family

Welcome to the IMAj Alumni Spotlight. Below are links to our IMAj graduates’ respective blossoming businesses and their thoughts on how IMAj Institute has influenced, impacted, and supported their growth as students and into their remarkable careers in the Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Tech Industries.

"I am forever grateful I chose IMAj Institute as my school to begin my Esthetician career. IMAj never felt like "school" to me because it was something I was extremely passionate about and I met some amazing friends. Every day I spent at IMAj was exciting, whether we were learning something new or practicing treatments on one another, we always made it a good time..."

Jaclyn Siegel

"My name is Brooke Hughes and I graduated from IMAj Institute in 2020. IMAj gave me all the tools to become the most successful esthetician. From the instructors, to the learning environment, IMAj gives you the best education and I am forever grateful for that..."

Brooke Hughes

"IMAj was the steppingstone that I needed to start my own business. The Artisan was just what I needed to make me different and to elevate my customized facials. I’m so grateful for everyone at the school. They have taught me so much..."

Alexandra Calcagno

Meet the Faces of the IMAj Family

Over the past two decades, the IMAj faculty has developed valuable resources that have helped shape the skin care and anti-aging industry, and we continue to do so today.
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Gary Begley


Peggy Begley

Clinical Director

Ran McBryde

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified


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