IMAj ProSkills

IMAj ProSkills

Interested in adding more expertise to your career? Come join IMAj Institute for continuing education courses in Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Laser Technology to make sure you stay on top of the game! IMAj Institute proudly offers specialized programs with small class sizes to further your education and increase your expertise in specific practices. We are the exclusive provider of IMAj ProSkills™.
Laser Skin Care School

Microneedling is an effective method of stimulating collagen production and elastin which is essential to youthful-looking skin. Our Microneedling training course teaches you how to microneedling all skin types properly and also provides you with a kit containing equipment and supplies to get you started.

    • Class offered once a month on Fridays from 8am – 5pm.
    • Kit Includes:
      • Smooth Pro Microneedling Pen
      • Numb Master Numbing cream
      • Size 24 needles
      • Size 36 Needles
      • Size 42 Needles
      • Hylunia Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer
      • LED Light Therapy Device
    • Tuition: $1995

This class will teach you’re the classic, hybrid and volume lash application. It also provides an intro to marketing to learn how to optimize your social media and market yourself as an eyelash technician!

    • Class is offered once a month on Friday and Saturday
    • 9am-5pm, Friday and Saturday
    • Kit Includes:
      • Classic Lash Trays sizes 10mm, 11mm, 12mm & 13mm
      • Volume Lash Trays sizes 10mm, 11mm, 12mm & 13mm
      • Practice Strip Lashes
      • Classic Lash Tweezers
      • Volume Lash Tweezers
      • Lash Adhesive
      • Adhesive Remover
      • Glue Rings
      • Mini Facial Mister
      • Eyelash Shampoo
      • Under Eye Gel Pads
      • Eyelash Tape
      • Microfiber Brushes
      • Jade Glue Stone
      • Crystal Glass Pallet
      • Eyelash Mirror
      • Mini Handheld Fan
      • Lash Practice Mannequin Head
      • Carrying Bag
    • Tuition: $2250

Learn how to apply a beautiful bronze tan and receive your own spray tan kit that includes everything you need to start your own mobile spray tanning business!

    • Class is offered once a month on Fridays.
    • 9am-3pm
    • Kit includes:
      • Oasis Portable Spray Tanning Machine
      • Norvell Venetian Solution
      • Norvell Pre-Tan Spray Solution
      • Norvell Cosmo Vivid Spray Solution
      • Pop-up Tent
      • Spa Feet Protectors
      • Disposable Bikini’s
      • Disposable Bra’s
      • Disposable Hair Nets
      • Carrying Bag
    • Tuition: $775

Learn the all-natural alternative to waxing! Sugaring is a hair removal technique that uses an all-natural paste to remove unwanted body hair. This treatment is great for those who have sensitive skin!

    • Class is offered once a month on Fridays
    • 9am-3pm
    • Kit includes:
      • Sugar Paste
      • Baby Powder
      • Pre-Wax Cleanser
      • Arnicare Cream
      • Waxing Tools
      • Gloves
      • Cleansing Wipes
      • Carrying Case
    • Tuition: $550

Learn the semi-permanent procedure that enhances your clients’ natural lashes! In just an hour, you can give your clients fuller and thicker lashes without the use of any extensions!

  • This class is offered once a month on Friday
  • 9am-3pm
  • Kit Includes:
    • Essential Lifted Kit –
      • Lift, Fix and Enrich Solutions
      • S, M, L Shields
      • Adhesive
      • Lifted Cleanser Pads
      • Y Tool
      • Lifting Tool
      • Eye Pads
      • Timer
      • Tinting Plate
      • Applicator Wands
    • Intensive Black Tint
    • Intensive Blue-Black Tint
    • Intensive Developer
    • Disposable Mascara Wands
    • Carrying bag
  • Tuition: $550

Learn how to properly style, shape and laminate your clients’ brows and have your clients leave with their dream brows in only an hour! Not only will you learn how to laminate brows by filling in gaps to give them the illusion of fullness and growth, but you will also learn waxing techniques that make styling eyebrows easier.

  • Class is offered once a month of Friday
  • 9am-3pm
  • Kit Includes: 
    • Loquay Brow Kit
    • Perm Paper
    • Disposable Applicator Wands
    • Interdental Brushes
    • Microfiber Brushes
    • Disposable Concealer style Brushes
    • Wooden Waxing Sticks
    • Multicolored Pencil Set
    • Roll of White Thread
    • Tweezers
    • Brow Scissors
    • Intensive Blond Tint
    • Intensive Medium Brown Tint
    • Intensive Dark Brown Tint
    • Intensive Tint Developer
    • Carrying Bag
  • Tuition: $550

IMAj Curriculum ProSkills

Learn how to improve your clients skin by stimulating the growth of new cells! In this class we will teach you all the benefits, indications, contraindications, and regulations for AHA and BHA Peels!

    • Class is offered once every 6 weeks on Wednesday
    • 8am-5pm
    • Kit includes:
      • SkinScripts TCA
      • SkinScripts Lactic
      • Image Skincare Jessener
      • Image Skincare Salicylic
      • 1 back bar size of Image Ageless Cleanser
      • 1 back bar size of Image SPF30
      • 1 Dampen Dish
      • 1 Fan Brush
      • 1 box of gloves
      • 1 sleeve of 4×4 esthetic wipes
      • 1 sleeve of 2×2 esthetic gauze
      • Alcohol
    • Tuition: $350 without kit, $875 with kit

Our dermaplaning course will teach you how to gently remove peach fuzz and dead skin from your clients’ face and neck using a scalpel! This is the perfect treatment to make your client glow!

    • Class is offered once every 6 weeks on Wednesday
    • 8am-12pm
    • Kit Includes:
      • 1 back bar size of Image Ageless Cleanser
      • Alcohol
      • 1 dermaplaning handle
      • Blade remover
      • 10 blades
      • Package of 200 – 4×4 esthetic wipes
      • Package of 200 – 2×2 esthetic gauze
      • 1 back bar size of Image SPF 30
      • Box of gloves
      • Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil
    • Tuition: $405

Learn how to wax using the most popular techniques as well as gain understanding on how hair grows. This class will give you everything you need to be a confident waxing specialist!

    • This class is offered once every 6 weeks on Wednesdays
    • 8am-5pm
    • Kit Includes:
      • Professional wax warmer
      • 14oz deluxe cream wax
      • 14oz satin smooth honey soft wax
      • 14oz smooth citrus mojito hard wax
      • 4oz satin cleanse
      • 4oz satin release
      • 4oz satin cool
      • 4oz satin hydrate
      • 20 large muslin epilating strips
      • 10 small muslin epilating strips
      • 10 assorted wooden applicators for face and body
      • 50 pack protective collars
      • Non epilating woven roll
      • 4×4 esthetic wipes
      • 1 back bar size of Image SPF30
      • Small, Medium and Large waxing sticks (300 sticks total)
      • Box of Gloves
    • Tuition: $600

Learn the easiest way to increase the amount of collagen in your client’s skin! LED therapy can aid in acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring, sun damage and anti-aging.

  • This class is offered once every 6 weeks on Wednesday
  • 8am-12pm
  • Kit Includes:
    • LED Light Therapy Device
    • Image Skincare Ormedic Cleanser (Back Bar Size)
    • Image Skincare SPF 30 (Back Bar Sixe)
    • SkinScripts Seaweed Mask 
    • Sunnies 
  • Tuition: $140 without kit, $600 with kit

Learn one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the industry in only 4 hours! This treatment helps remove dead skin to reveal fresh, healthy skin.

  • This class is offered every 6 weeks on Wednesdays
  • 8am-12pm
  • Tuition: $120

Note: In order to take proskills, you need to be an aesthetic student, a licensed aesthetician and/or cosmetologist or a registered nurse.

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Additional Fee

For all programs, there is an additional $200 for uniforms and $200 for registration. 

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I love it here! I am currently a student and all of the staff is so welcoming and warm. i love everyone here and i wouldn’t rather be at any other school. I’ve learned so much and feel so confident in my skills going into the business world as an esthetician.
Gaby Gathings
Gaby Gathings
The best decision I’ve made coming to this school, I love the community and the instructors, thank you Imaj ❤️
Erick Huberdeau
Erick Huberdeau
Amazing school! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The staff is so friendly and helps you understand everything you are learning.
Tamara Jones
Tamara Jones
The best school hands down! Staff and students are so welcoming and friendly🥰 100/10 would recommend this school to everyone!
Sarah Uphoff
Sarah Uphoff
Can’t say enough good things about this place! I’m a student here and everyone I have encountered have all been such a joy to be around and get to know! So thankful I found IMAj!
Teachers are very knowledgeable, staff members are friendly and welcoming. Loved my time here and I would definitely choose IMAj again!
Best school to attend ! My favorite part of coming to Imaj has to be the staff! There super welcoming and always accommodating your needs!
Debra Smith
Debra Smith
Great school of esthetics,amazing teachers and students!
Juli Weeks
Juli Weeks
The staff here is knowledgeable and incredibly nice. My skin has never looked better. Plus, it’s a beautiful place and the prices are great. Highly recommend!

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