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Welcome to the IMAj Alumni Spotlight. Below are links to our IMAj graduates respective blossoming businesses and their thoughts on how IMAj Institute has influenced, impacted, and supported their growth through their time at our school and into their amazing careers in the Medical Aesthetic and Cosmetic Laser Tech Industries. Support our Alumni and check out their businesses, they might just offer the service you’ve been looking for. For our graduates, the Alumni Portal is just a click away at the bottom of the page.

Roxie Reece

IMAj changed my life in the most amazing and positive ways possible. It was the beginning of the rest of my life, and the best days out ahead of me! I would absolutely recommend this school as my number one choice still and with great enthusiasm! I was 35-years-old, and at a major turning point in my life. I had survived a very difficult divorce and later had witnessed the loss of a man whom I dearly loved, right before my eyes. My world felt like it was falling apart, I was at a major crossroad, and I knew I needed to heal, rebuild and make a positive change in many ways starting with my career path. I was in a very tough spot and one night, at midnight, with tears falling.
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Jaclyn Siegel

“As someone who struggled with acne, I know how frustrating and humiliating life can feel. From the moment I started Esthetician school I knew I wanted to own my own business and specialize in Acne. In 2019, about a year after I graduated IMAj, I opened up Jaclyn Kylie Skincare. My mission behind Jaclyn Kylie Skincare is to provide a personalized experience and bring confidence back to my acne clients. I want all my acne clients to see the day where their skin is clear and they actually feel comfortable to go out in public with bare skin. “

Brooke Hughes

“My name is Brooke Hughes and I graduated from IMAj Institute in 2020. IMAj gave me all the tools to become the most successful esthetician. From the instructors to the learning environment, IMAj gives you the best education and I am forever grateful for that. IMAj provides everything and more to ensure its students have the most success in school and when they graduate. The instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to their students, which is what I loved most about attending IMAj.”

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Alexandra Calcagno

“Imaj was the stepping stone that I needed to start my own business. The Artisan was just what I needed to make me different and elevate my customized facials. I’m so grateful for everyone at the school. They have taught me so much, they are so full of knowledge. They were like a second family to me for the time I was there and made me feel comfortable from being out of town. Thank You IMAJ! You hold a special place in my heart. Her passion for helping people and making them feel beautiful led to the opening of Alex Rae Artisan Spa. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from SUNY Geneseo and is a New York State Licensed Esthetician from the Aesthetic Science Institute. She is also certified in Dermaplaning from ASI and Makeup Artistry from Ultimate Makeup Academy at the Paul Mitchell School and as an Artisan Sculptor from IMAj Institute in Arizona. Most recently she was certified as an Acne Specialist from Face Reality Skincare.”

Monique Zafarana

“At La Terra Beauty, I believe in creating a luxe experience while performing innovative, express services that enhance your natural beauty and unearth your confidence, all in a welcoming, relaxing environment. We pride ourselves on our philosophy that you do not have to compromise your time with self-care, and on mastering a balance of eco-chic, clean ingredient products and performance. We are passionate about providing the La Terra Beauty effect that is customized to meet your individual needs and goals.”
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Miranda Jakes

“Hi my name is Miranda Jakes and I am the owner and lead Esthetician of Mi Amor Esthetics! I specialize in lash extensions, lash lifts & tints, customized facials, and waxing! IMAj has been at the core beginning of my journey into esthetics and I am so happy to have attended a school that provided me the opportunity to create a strong foundation for the beginning of my business..”

Angelina Romano

“Hello! My name is Angie Romano and I attended IMAj in 2021. I currently own a business where I specialize in lashes! I have employees working for me who do waxing, brows, spray tans, and other services. I would not be where I am today without IMAj. not only did I learn so much about ethology, but all of the instructors, staff, and classmates motivated me in so many ways to start my business. It is so important to have a positive school environment at the beginning of your esthetician career and IMAj gives you exactly that. With their endless opportunities for continued education, top-tier instructors, and amazing education, they never fail to make sure all of their students reach their full potential!”

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Suzanne Idler

“Well, hello! My name is Suzanne Idler, but you might know me as The Esthetics Alchemist. I attended IMAj in 2021 and I am so grateful for the doors IMAj has opened for me. I currently have my own little “palette” (dubbed by my husband) and I could not be happier! I just don’t see how all of this could have happened without the amazing and continued support of the IMAj FAMILY! Not only did I learn about every aspect of the integumentary system and processes but I credit my success to the incredible IMAj educators for not only their vast knowledge but also what is not in the curriculum…the endless support and encouragement even after you finish the program.”

Hailee Dihel

“I’m Hailee, the owner of Cotton Aesthetics & Beauty located here in Cave Creek, AZ. We are still new to town however I am not. I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life, I am a 6th Generation Arizona Native.
Originally from Wickenburg, I grew up in an agricultural family. I graduated with a Business Degree, became a commodity broker… marketing Cotton, and then years later wanted a change so I decided to go back to school and dive into the health and beauty industry. When it was time to decide what career path, I wanted to venture out to I chose to get my Aesthetician license. In doing so, I had many different school options and decided IMAj was the place for me. I toured several other schools and after meeting with Gary and Anjali, as well as other friend referrals enrolled. My goal was always to do my own thing and I feel the tools I needed were undoubtedly provided to me. I also had the extra guidance I needed to expand my knowledge in not only the Aesthetics side but also running a business in this field. Let me tell you friends, its hard work. I know I can always come back for guidance and instruction and that is what makes jumping out into the world of Health and Beauty so fun. It’s scary but having a solid backbone structure that IMAj provided is what gave me the courage to just do it.”
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Carly Santini

Carly Santini

Hello, my name is Carly, but I am commonly known on social media as The Old Town Esthetician. I graduated from IMAj in June 2022 with dual licensing as both an esthetician and laser technician. Before attending esthetician school, I had completed two years of naturopathic medical school, where I intended on becoming a dermatologist. However, the impact of COVID-19 led me to explore other options. After considering various esthetician schools, I ultimately chose IMAj for its welcoming atmosphere and sense of community. Although it was a scary decision switching career paths, the love and camaraderie I found at IMAj gave me a sense of purpose and belonging that I had not experienced in any of my previous schooling. For me, IMAj represents the importance of following your intuition and finding a supportive community to achieve success and fulfillment in your career. This school allowed me to discover my true self, paving the way for my current career path in esthetics.

Dinara Raqysh

For me personally, Imaj Institute represents an opportunity to learn and grow in a field that I am passionate about. Imaj Institute allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to pursue a career in this industry. I appreciate the hands-on training and supportive community that the school provides.I am grateful to the school for the opportunity to immediately start my career as a solo esthetician, because they gave me a good base and I did not have to go somewhere additionally to learn how to do simple things that an esthetician should be able to do. I recently completed a PMU course where my classmates and instructor were surprised at my theoretical knowledge and asked where I studied. At that moment, I realized that I made the right choice in favor of Imaj.