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IMAj Institute proudly offers specialized programs to further your education and increase your expertise in specific practices. We are the exclusive provider of IMAj ProSkills™

Artisan Sculptor

64 Hours of training

The Artisan-Sculptor Certification Course introduces the HFMC based technology through theory and practical experiences. You will learn to reduce the physical size of living skin without causing injury to the Client.

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LED Therapy

4 Hours of Advanced Technical training

Our LED Light Therapy training instructs you in red, blue and yellow LED therapy benefits and procedures. Each color yields its own benefits and you can use them in combination treatments as well.

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8 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Our Dermaplaning Training Course in Scottsdale will teach you how to perform this effective exfoliating treatment using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the skin surface (along with any peach fuzz).

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20 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Come learn this state-of-the-art technique over a 3 day period. Our instructor will prepare you to offer this incredible service with confidence..

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Chemical Peels

8 Hours of advanced technical training

Our Chemical Peels Training Course will teach you how to select the best type of chemical peel for all different types of skin for the best results. You will learn how different chemicals work and different methods of application.

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4 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Our Microdermabrasion Training Course will teach you how perform one of the most popular cosmetic skin treatments available. The procedure removes the dead and dry outer layer of the skin's surface to reveal fresh, healthy skin underneath.

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8 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Our microneedling training course will not only teach you to perform the microneedling procedure but also provide you with a kit containing equipment, supplies and a video to review as often as needed.

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Eye-lash extensions

8 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

With the popularity of Eyelash Extension, studios are popping up everywhere. Get in on this growing market now by receiving your training on this high-demand procedure!

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16 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Learn how to safely and successfully carry out a variety of waxing treatments. You will be taught a wide range of the most popular waxing treatments, as well as learning the theoretical knowledge and safety procedures involved in practicing these treatments to an industry standard.

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Sugaring Hair Removal

3 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Sugaring is a popular hair removal technique that uses an all-natural paste to pull off body hair.

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2 Days of Advanced Techincal Traning

This training course is designed for licensed health care professionals including Registered Nurses (RN), Physicians (MD & DO), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA) and Dentists (DDS & DMD).

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Spray Tan

6 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

Learn the art of Spray Tanning with our complete training package. Our package includes all the tools and knowledge you need to begin offering this service in addition to other spa services or as a stand-alone business.

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Arizona State Board Exam Prep

4 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

The IMAj Institute State Board Examination Preparation Course prepares you for success in taking the State Board of Cosmetology Aesthetics licensing exams.

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All About Eyes Package

28 Hours of Advanced Techincal Traning

This packages combines both the Microblading course and Eye Lash Extensions course. Save $250.00!!

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