Dinara Raqysh

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For me personally, Imaj Institute represents an opportunity to learn and grow in a field that I am passionate about. Imaj Institute allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to pursue a career in this industry.

I appreciate the hands-on training and supportive community that the school provides.I am grateful to the school for the opportunity to immediately start my career as a solo esthetician, because they gave me a good base and I did not have to go somewhere additionally to learn how to do simple things that an esthetician should be able to do.

I recently completed a PMU course where my classmates and instructor were surprised at my theoretical knowledge and asked where I studied.  At that moment, I realized that I made the right choice in favor of Imaj.

Listen to the recommendations of the instructors, because they care that you become professionals. Learn the rules of the school and you will be able to successfully complete your studies by passing the exams the first time. 

You don’t need to look at other students to make sure they study theory, attend classes, find models for practice, or befriend you. I advise new students to focus on themselves and their goals. You came here for yourself, so remember your original objective. To become the best, you need to be one step ahead, and discipline will help you achieve this goal.


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