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IMAj changed my life in the most amazing and positive ways possible. It was the beginning of the rest of my life, and the best days out ahead of me! I would absolutely recommend this school as my number one choice still and with great enthusiasm!
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I was 35-years-old, and at a major turning point in my life. I had survived a very difficult divorce and later had witnessed the loss of a man whom I dearly loved, right before my eyes. My world felt like it was falling apart, I was at a major crossroad, and I knew I needed to heal, rebuild and make a positive change in many ways starting with my career path. I was in a very tough spot and one night, at midnight, with tears falling, I began to pray and ask the Lord Jesus for help! I sat up began to make a list. At that point in my life, I had obtained my bachelor’s degree in teaching, I had studied abroad in Europe and heal my massage therapy license. I needed something that would expand on my talents and experience thus far. I believe it was the Lord who led me right to this school.  I decided that aesthetics school would be the best continuation of my already career of having been a teacher full time.

That night I made a list of every esthetics school in Az. I spent the next week personally driving to each school, meeting those in charge and insisting on a tour and as much info as possible. IMAj was my last and final stop! They booked me in with the owner (Gary) that day, and upon walking in I simply knew this was the place for me! Gary was the most awesome and warm welcome into IMAj, and I knew I was right at home the moment I stepped foot into this world. From the incredible environment, people, instructors, and curriculum it was evident to me that IMAj was the #1 Aesthetics School and Still is…and for a good reason!

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I stand by this even in my years following graduation throughout my career! Now here I am going on almost 7 years later and I can humbly and confidently say that I feel so blessed to have one of the most amazing careers and from the Top school in Arizona. It all started withIMA. I am currently running two studios here Northern Arizona (Prescott and Flagstaff) and looking to hire on. My goal was to be #1 Esthetician in Northern AZ and to master the world of Plasma Skin tightening and collagen induction therapy. I am doing just that and continuing to expand! Now looking at my life, where I was and where I’ve come…it’s the greatest blessing. Huge shout out to IMAj Institute and the grace of God for this! I get to wake up, go to my studios I love, with the most incredible clients, knowing I have mastered my skill sets in what I’m specializing in (Plasma). To get to spend time with such beautiful hearts and create a safe personalized space for them, is incredible! I absolutely love what I do and love what my life and world has become as a result of this journey!

This career absolutely embraces every one of my gifts and talents and strengths and allows me to use those to the fullest! I love running my own business, having the time financial freedom as well as the creative aspect of bringing Studio Rox to Life in every way! To build something from the ground up and run with it with flying colors, is like a dream! 

Things like my own branding, clientele focus, and creative opportunity to design my business and mindset in a way that personally suites the style of my clients and I, these are valuable aspects just to name a few! 

I am so thankful to be able to say that I attended and absolutely love IMAj Institute! I love my career and literally everything about it! I am very business driven and Aesthetics has brought that to life! I couldn’t have gotten to this point without the amazing foundation and preparation that IMAj created for me to springboard off of.

Are you looking to change your life, career path or bring your passions to life?! Once upon a time I was too! If you are considering Aesthetics and looking into the possibility of Attending IMAj. I would highly recommend you take that leap of faith and don’t look back it will be worth every bit and your best investment yet! Thank you to IMAj and each of you who made my world beautiful and bright again! With love, Roxie Reece (Studio Rox) 928-351-1555

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